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Rubber Testing Solutions

Mooney Viscometers for Rubber Testing

Mooney Viscometer Model MV 3000 Basic
Mooney Viscometer
V-MV 3000
Mooney Viscometer
Rotor speed 2 turns per minute Variable: 0 to 50 turns per minute,
0.01 steps
Temperature system Ambient to 230 °C, precision +/- 0.03 °C microprocessor controlled Ambient to 230 °C, precision +/- 0.03 °C microprocessor controlled
Determinable Results
Mooney Viscosity Graph Mooney Viscosity yes yes
Stress Relaxation Graph Stress Relaxation yes yes
Mooney Scorch Graph Mooney Scorch yes yes
Linear Rotor Speed Variation Graph Linear Rotor
Speed Variation
Stepped Rotor Speed Variation Graph Stepped Rotor
Speed Variation
International Standard / ISO Test Capability
ISO 289:2005 yes yes
ASTM D 1646 yes yes
DIN 53525, part 1 - 4 yes yes
Available Features
M-VS 3000
Sample Cutter
yes yes