Online Testing Cell

Columbia City, IN – MonTech USA announces Online Testing Cell to be shown at Cleveland’s 2017 International Elastomer Conference and Expo.  The introduction of the Online Testing Cell marks the first fully automated rubber testing system to be launched into the rubber industry.

Online Rubber Testing Cells bring the laboratory to the mixing line by linking the necessary MonTech testing instruments into a single, compact and modular enclosed frame. The enclosed frame is then placed next to the mixing line, automatically receiving slab samples from the batch off for continued testing.

Online Testing Cells are outfitted with robotically fed Moving Die Rheometers, Rubber Process Analyzers, Bulk Density Testers. Additional modules for sample preparation, labelling, binning, and disposal are included in each Cell. The robot is positioned in the middle of the Testing Cell with access to all critical sampling areas and testing instruments. Applying robotics decreases operator variation, and increases the precision and repeatability of batch releases in the quickest response times. The closed loop control of mixing, testing, and host data interfaces provided by the Cell allows users to fine tune and optimize all processes together.

The Testing Cell is available for viewing at booth #1534 during the International Elastomer Conference and Expo October 10th through the 12th.

For more information regarding Online Testing Cells, please contact MonTech USA at 800-552-5115 or through