MonTech Refurbish and Upgrade Program

The MonTech instrument upgrade program is the most comprehensive refurbishment package available for legacy instruments.

Over 75 different updates are applied to each instrument overhaul including:

  • New Computer with MonControl Software & License
  • MonViewer Software License
  • Installed PLC
  • Modifications to Shield Assembly
  • New Heater and Die Assembly
  • New Motor
  • New Gearbox
  • And much more..

Parts are made using the highest-grade precision machining and we stand by our upgraded equipment with our quality and support promise.


Qualified ODRs, MDRs, MVs, and RPAs are suitable for upgrade.

Taking the option to upgrade is a budget friendly way to modernize aging laboratory equipment, giving older units the ability to connect to contemporary database management systems and more.

Refurbished and upgraded units undergo complete overhaul, replacing over 75 different components and assemblies to give all rebuilt instruments increased longevity in any laboratory.

All refurbished units include these changes:

  • Remove all old wiring, connectors and controls
  • Clean and install new PLC, hardware, connectors and rewire the machine
  • Install MonControl software on a new computer with Windows 10
  • PM, align and provide an A2LA-accredited ISO/IEC 17025 calibration
  • Provide training on MonControl software — online training available
  • All software upgrades free to user

MonTech offers complete upgrade programs to modernize legacy equipment.

Instrument housing will undergo complete refurbishment and installation of PLC-based controller technology for digital data acquisition.

All upgrades are installed with state-of-the art MonControl software, giving the user access to over 3000 datapoints, customizable settings, and user-friendly interface for each testing machine.

MonControl enables connectivity to MSQL, Oracle, or other databases giving you more data storage and control of information collected from your laboratory.

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