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RP 3000: Rapid Plastimeter for Accurate Measurement of NR Rubber Plasticity Retention Index (PRI) and Stability

The Rapid Plastimeter is an essential laboratory instrument used to measure the plasticity and thermal-oxidative stability of raw natural rubber, ensuring consistent quality and performance in various industrial applications.

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RP 3000

For decades, the PRI, measured in accordance with ISO 2930, has been one of the most important indicators of how well natural rubber (NR) withstands heat, oxygen and maintains its plasticity over time. It is a critical quality control metric and is commonly found amongst tire manufacturers, NR plantations, and other industrial consumers of NR. The RP 3000 features the latest technological advancement for attaining the PRI and is renowned for its reliability and standardization throughout the industry. Rapid Plastimeter’s are typically purchased with plasticity aging ovens (PO 3000) and specimen cutter (P-VS 3000).


  • Fully automatic and easy operation
  • Heavy duty aluminum and stainless-steel frame
  • Single / median operational modes
  • Automated calibration
  • Built-in diagnostics
  • Variable platen temperatures 25°C - 200°C
  • Flexible conditioning steps and load times
  • Digital temperature display
  • MonPlast software for calculation and display of plasticity curve
PO 3000 Aging Oven
Double working sample cutter
PO 3000 Aging Oven
PO 3000 Ageing Oven for Plasticity Testing

Technical Specifications


BS 903:Pt A59: section A59.1
ISO 2007

Platen Sizes

10 mm, 7.3 and 14 mm diameter

Platen Temperature

25°C - 200°C

Test Time

Default: 15 secs conditioning, 15 secs load
Variable from 0 to 99 seconds

Compressive Force

100 N

Data Interface

RS 232


approx. 35 kg net


90-250 V, 6 Amps, 47-63 Hz, Single phase

Optional Items

- MonPlast computer software
- Data printer
- PO 3000 Ageing Oven
- RS 3000 Rubber Slicer

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