Through optical imaging, the series of carbon black dispersion testers measure filler deagglomeration associated with rubber mixing.

The mixed quality of carbon black dispersion, additives and other rubber chemicals directly correlate to the mechanical properties of the finished rubber product. This includes abrasion resistance, tensile strength, crack growth, hardness and more. The Carl-Zeiss optical lens quickly and accurately calculates the number, diameter, and distribution of agglomerates within a rubber sample. The tests performed are compared to the ASTM or ISO standard, indicating the level of rubber dispersion quality.

For measurement of silica dispersion, the 1000x model is recommended. If fillers in a rubber compound are too great in size for an adequate calculation, dropping down in magnification to the 30x model is advisable.

DisperTester 3000

DisperTester 3000 Plus

Data Interface USB USB 3.0
Magnification 30x | 100x | 1000x 100x
Aperture Size DisperTester 3000 - 1000x = 4 mm x 3.5 mm
DisperTester 3000 - 100x = 4 mm x 3.5 mm
DisperTester 3000 - 30x = 9 mm x 5 mm
12 mm x 3.5 mm
Agglomerate Range 1 μm to 250 μm
Focus Fully automatic or manual
Image Resolution 5 Megapixel 10 Megapixel
International Standards
ISO 11345 : 2006
ASTM D 7723

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