RB 3000 Rubber Rebound Resilience Tester

Automated rubber rebound resilience tester for accurate determination of resilience properties of rubber compounds

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RB 3000 Rubber Rebound Resilience Tester
Essential to R&D or quality control, the RB 3000 rubber rebound resilience tester determines the resilience and shock absorption properties of rubber and elastomeric materials. Utilizing a multi-language 5” touch screen display, the RB 3000 effortlessly guides users through each testing sequence. The pendulum mechanism features a 15mm diameter hammer fin connected to an air bearing system. The bearing system is then connected to a high resolution non-contact encoder guaranteeing the highest precision in pendulum angle measurement.

Features & Applications

  • Simplified touchscreen operation
  • Automatic detection of incorrectly placed samples
  • Fully automated test sequence with motorized pendulum release and return
  • Integrated calibration routines allow users to measure, calibrate, and compensate the pendulum friction
  • Interchangeable hammers, fins and anvil plates for various applications and sample types
  • Three available temperature control systems allow for testing at elevated or even sub-ambient temperatures
  • Easy setup with leveling feet, and an integrated spirit level
  • Heavy duty vibration resistant machine frame
  • Test sequences include up to three pre-test or full test hits
  • Results displayed on the 7" touchscreen and / or delivered to a database

Technical Specifications


ISO 4662
DIN 53512 | DIN 13014 (Foam)
ASTM D 1054 | ASTM D 7121
JIS K 6255

Measurement Method

Pendulum rebound resilience measurement (Schob type)

Test Modes

Single, Median of 3 tests (with 3 or 4 conditioning hits)


Fully automated with automatic pendulum lift and release

User Interface

Integrated 5” color - Touchscreen

Sample Dimensions

Cured rubber buttons or sheets with 0 to 30mm thickness
28 to 65mm in diameter or 50 x 50mm in size

Anvil Distance

0 to 60mm (steplessly adjustable)

Release Angle


Resolution / Accuracy

0.001° arc / 0.1% Rebound Resilience

Hammer fin

hemispherical, 15mm in diameter

Impact Velocity


Impact Energy

426.5 kJ/m3

Pendulum Capacity

0.5 Joule

Pendulum Length

7.87 in (200 mm)

Pendulum Mass


Output Languages

English, French, German, Spanish, Russian (others on request)

Output Interfaces

Serial (RS232) and USB 2.0

Data Acquisition

MonLink software (optional) for test configuration management, data acquisition and statistical evaluation


90 - 250 V , 1 Amp, 47-63 Hz, Single phase


Approximately 50 kG net

Dimensions (H x W x D)

14.57 in x 22.83 in x 7.09 in (370 mm x 580 mm x 180 mm)

  • Reference rubber samples
  • Specimen curing moulds in various configurations
  • Pendulum for foam tests: Hammer with 0.196J / dia. = 30mm
  • Pendulum for foam tests: Ball with 0.2J / Cylinder dia. = 40mm
  • Heating system, ambient to +100°C
  • Heating / cooling system, -20°C to +100°C
  • Advanced heating / cooling system, -40°C to +100°C
  • Vacuum sample holder system
  • Multi sample automation

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