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CC 3000 Cut and Chip Tester

Using the MonTech CC 3000 brings the cut and chip resistance test method into a modernized laboratory. Featuring a digital screen, laboratory personnel can select any configuration of test preferred.

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CC 3000 Cut and Chip Tester
Assessing cut and chip resistance is essential for determining the product performance of tires, bogey wheels and other rubber products. The MonTech CC 3000 is an inexpensive way to obtain accurate testing results for rubber applications in harsh or sharp environments (i.e. rocks, gravel, glass).


  • Tungsten carbide knife
  • Integrated 7” touchscreen
  • 11 preselected spindle speeds
  • 7 chipping cycles
  • Digitally controlled servo motor
  • Supervised safety door
  • Motorized cam to lift knife support arm
  • Optional set of 5 control samples
  • Optional precision scale with 1mg or 0.1mg resolution
  • Optional 9-cavity cut and chip mold

cut chip moulds

cut chip testing chamber

Technical Specifications

Sample Size

51 mm Ø, 13 mm Thickness, 13 mm Ø center hole

Sample Rotation
180 - 2880 Revolutions per minute
Test Cycle

0.1 - 999 Minutes

Cut/Chip Cycle

15 - 150 Cycles per minute

Mass at Knife Edge

454 gram (others optional)

Dimensions (L x W x D)

22.05 in x 15.75 in x 14.57 in (560 mm x 400 mm x 370mm)


200 - 250 V, 6 Amps, 47-63 Hz, Single phase

Net Weight

49 kg


Instrumented version with multiaxial force sensor

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