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TT 3000 Tack Tester

Efficient and reliable rubber tack tester to determine tackiness and adhesion of elastomers and other materials.

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TT 3000 Tack Tester

The MonTech TT 3000 uses a new and highly effective procedure to measure the tackiness of rubbers, polymers, and other materials. During a test, the testing head lowers to apply a predetermined amount of force onto the test specimen for a set dwell time, then rises while recording the tack force imparted during separation from the material. Results may also indicate properties surrounding adhesion bonding, surface roughness, and polymer chain diffusion. The testing head can be configured for testing tackiness of metal to rubber, and rubber to rubber applications, as well as others. Typical tack testing applications include:

  • Determination of tackiness of “Green Tires”
  • Stickiness or tackiness of epoxy resins
  • Adhesion testing of components like calendared materials against each other, or against fabrics
  • Tackiness of varnish / paint
  • Characterization of magnets

As a part of the HT 3000 Modular line, the testing head for the TT 3000 is interchangeable, and can be replaced with durometer testing heads for many hardness standards including: Shore A, Shore D, IRHD, and others. This means that one instrument can be used for a variety of testing applications - minimizing overall cost and saving laboratory space.


  • Adjustable dwell time
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Unique sample holder for consistent surface contact
  • Automated testing procedure
  • Integrated load weights
  • Integrated tolerance limits or pass / fail testing
  • USB connectivity
  • Includes MonLink software
  • Test data may be saved to SQL database or exported as PDF or Excel files

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