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CP 3000 Custom Polymer Bale Cutting Systems

Specialized custom rubber and polymer bale cutting systems meeting nearly any application across industries

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CP 3000 Custom Polymer Bale Cutting Systems
Not all bale cutters are suited for every application. MonTech’s custom bale cutter systems are designed from the floor up to meet user specific requirements. Bale cutters are optionally designed for clean-rooms, production integration, cutting of sticky silicones or extremely hard materials (WPC composites), high speed slicing, robotic additions and more.


  • Autofeed and conveyor connections
  • Robotic handling
  • Complete Stainless-steel Designs
  • Silicone and Medical Applications
  • Heated Blades
  • Extrusion or the production line integration
  • Extremely hard material slicing
  • High speed cutting
  • Automation options
  • Custom knife and cutting block designs
  • Advanced safety options
Stainless Steel Custom Bale Cutter

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