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CS 3000 Compression Set Test Fixture

The CS 3000 is the rubber industry’s most durable compression set fixture for silicone, rubber, natural rubber and any elastomeric compound.

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CS 3000 Compression Set Test Fixture
The compression set test for rubber or other elastomeric materials is one part of calculating resiliency loss, or memory permanent set, of a cured compound. Made of precision ground stainless steel, the MonTech CS 3000 compression test fixture is available in multiple sizes according to all ASTM, ISO and DIN test methods. It is recommended that rubber aging ovens (AO 3000) and thickness gauges (TGD 3000) are also used for this test.


As a rubber sample is compressed over time between two flat parallel plates with predefined percentage and kept for a specific time at a certain temperature, it loses its ability to return to its original thickness. This loss of resiliency, also called memory or permanent set, characterizes the capability of an elastomeric product to perform over a long period of time.

Specialty Compression Set Fixtures

  • Compression set testing under deflection with variable / adjustable spacing for highest flexibility
  • Compress set testing under constant force ASTM D395 Method A, UNI 4913-2, FIAT 50410
  • Compression set acc. PV 3307 Standard for testing 6 specimens with 15mm diameter simultaneously
  • Compression set acc. PV 3330 Standard for testing on fished parts – spacers per customer request

Technical Specifications


ISO 815
DIN 53517
ASTM D 395


fine ground stainless steel

No. of Layers

1 or 2

Platen Size

3.77 in  x 3.77 in x 0.67 in (96 mm x 96 mm x 17 mm)

7 x 3.9 mm x 0.67 in (178 mm x 98 mm x 17 mm)

No. of Samples

8 x Type A / I or 16x Type B / II

16x Type A / I or 32x Type B / II

No. of Bolts

4 x M12

6 x M12

Deflection / Spacers

according to standard(s) or customers choice

Scope of Supply

according to standard(s) or customers choice

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