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DM 3000 Rubber Density Tester

Rapid and accurate hydrostatic densimeter for rubber, foam, butyl, silicone and other cured elastomeric materials.

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DM 3000 Rubber Density Tester
The MonTech DM 3000 rubber density tester is designed for ultimate connectivity while achieving the most accurate hydrostatic rubber density results. Test queues for rubber density tests are easily programmed in MonLink software which may be connected to any database management system. The DM 3000 accomodates any rubber compound, foam, silicone, polymers or any other elastomer test specimen.


  • Motorized measurement operation
  • Snap-in components
  • Simple and rugged mechanics
  • LED chamber lighting
  • Computer or single button operation
  • Quick software guided calibration
  • Includes MonLink software
  • Side mounted safety shields
  • Needle type sample holder
  • Optional anti-float bracket
density hydro-static testing

Technical Specifications


ISO 2781
BS 903

Measurement Method

Hydro-static weighing method

Measured Data

Density, mass change, volume change

Weighing Range

0.000 to 420 grams (0.0 to 160.0 grams with optional 0.1mg resolution)

Sample Weight (typ.)

1.000 to 50.000 grams

Density Range

0.50 to 10.00 g/cm3
(lower density range possible with anti-float or needle holder)


1 milligram (optional 0.1mg) / 0.00001 g/cm3


Better than ± 0.020%

Output Interfaces

Serial (RS232), USB 2.0 optional

Dimensions (H x W x D)

22.24 in x 9.84 in x 18.90 in (565 mm x 250 mm x 480 mm)


approx. 23 kg net


90-250 V, 2 Amps, 47-63 Hz, Single phase


- Various sample holders (basket, needle, wire pellet, clip, others...)
- Anti-float bracket
- Variable dipping speed
- Spare standard or double wall beaker
- Digital clip-on thermometer
- Auto-correction of water density (temperature sensor installed in beaker)

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