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PO 3000

BS 903 Pt. A59 | ASTM D3194

Aging Oven for Plasticity Testing

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PO 3000

The MonTech aging oven ages rubber in accordance with international testing standards for plasticity testing. Housed in a robust stainless-steel case, the PO 3000 features four insulated heating chambers, adjustable blower system and simple service accessibility.


  • Stainless steel housing with aluminum block
  • Independently controlled test chambers
  • PID temperature controller with control up to 140°C =/- 0.2°C
  • Digital temperature display
  • Stability check and overheat protection

Technical Specifications


BS 903 Pt. A59 | ASTM D3194

Temperature Recovery

1 minute at 140°C after sample insertion

Operating Temperature

140 ± 0.2°C (adjustable from ambient to +200°C)

Max Samples per Oven


Max Samples per Tray


Dishes per Tray


Heating Chambers


Air Exchange Rate

adjustable 0 to 120 times / hour

Chamber Dimensions

50 mm x 12 x 280

Max Power

2.8 kW

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