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ABR 3000 Rubber Abrasion Tester

DIN 53516 | ISO 4649:2002 (E) | AS1683.21 | ASTM D 5963

The field proven MonTech ABR 3000 DIN Abrasion Tester is the rubber industry’s new standard for quickly determining the abrasion resistance of a rubber product.

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ABR 3000 Rubber Abrasion Tester

The ABR 3000 DIN abrasion tester is the simplest and safest way to determine the abrasion resistance of rubber, or frictional loss of any elastomer over a predefined distance. The rubber abrasion test is one of the most important and widely used tests for simulating a rubber product’s abrasive exposure in its end environment. Fixed into a quick clamp sample holder, the test specimen is precisely guided across the rotational drum. Upon test completion, sample weight is taken to compare the loss factor.


  • Stiff Aluminum machine frame
  • Pre-set sample travel distance
  • Brushless drive system
  • Standard load weight of 2.5 N with additional load weights of 2.5 N and 5.0 N.
  • Optional analytical balance
  • Optional heated drum
  • Optional drum cleaning unit
  • Optional circular sample cutter

Technical Specifications


DIN 53516 | ISO 4649:2002 (E) | AS1683.21 | ASTM D 5963

Contact Pressure

N   2.5     5.0     7.5     10.0
N   12.5   15.0   17.5   20.0

Roller Diameter

150 mm

Roller Length

460 mm



Peripheral speed with abrasion sheet

0.32 m/s

Abrasion Sheet dimensions L/W

472.5 + 2 x 400 mm

Film tape W/D

50 x 0.2 mm

Abrasion distance of speciment

40 (20) m

Angle of inclination of axle center of the
specimen to vertical position of roller

Granulation of abrasion sheet


Diameter of specimen

16 mm

Thickness of specimen

6 mm

Maximum gripping length of specimen

13 mm

Later feed of specimen per roller rotation

4.2 mm

Holder for rotating specimen

0.9 min-1

Corresponds to roller rotations

84 (42)

Power Supply

100-240 V 50 / 60 Hz 100 VA


gross 80 / net 50 kg

Dimensions of abrasion tester W/D/H

760 x 360 x 320 mm

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