M-VS 3000 Mooney Viscometer Sample Cutter

For quick volumetric sample preparation for any Mooney Viscometer, the M-VS sample cutter provides continuous results that are safe, precise, and easy to maintain.

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M-VS 3000 Mooney Viscometer Sample Cutter

Sample preparation attributed directly to test result accuracy and repeatability. The M-VS 3000 Mooney Viscometer Sample Cutter features a double acting cutting system, preparing the center hole, followed by the sample perimeter in a sequential cutting motion. Operated by a two-hand safety button system, users are safe from contact of critical areas. The M-VS 3000 is the optimal cutter for greater accuracy and repeatability of rubber Mooney Viscometer testing.


  • Constant volumetric sampling for Mooney Viscometer testing
  • Automatic cut of center hole
  • 270* cutting area for easy accessibility
  • Two push-button safety operation
  • Quick pneumatic operation

Technical Specifications

Cutting Diameter

45 mm

Max. Thickness

20 mm



Sample Volume

about 15 cm3

Compression Time

1 sec to 15 sec

Dimensions (W x D x H)

600 mm x 430 mm x 380 mm


50 kg


min. 5.0 bar

  • Low Maintenance

    No frequent re-grinding or re-sharpening of blade

  • Precise

    Smooth movements of blade ensure precise cuts

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