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Compound & Material Management

MonRecipe is a dynamic workbench for storing, modifying, and maintaining all information for active recipes while optimizing raw material and process costs.

MonRecipe is the ideal solution to streamline the recipe and formulation development process, adding integrated capabilities for single-stage, multi-stage and trial mixing, masterbatch management, production upscaling, management of recipe specifications and acquired laboratory data and test results.

Set and enforce corporate compounding compliance with advanced integrated multi-site collaboration capabilities, allowing for creation of global recipe and compounding standards that fulfill local needs for recipe customization based on raw material and mixing equipment availability.

Speed up bringing new products to market by allowing MonRecipe to streamline your formulation process.

MonRecipe allows you to experiment and manage multiple scenarios for most complex recipes with the ability of a simultaneous optimization of raw material and process cost for true value engineering.

  • Formulation Development

    Manage all steps of the compound develop process, in all capacities, from raw materials, test selection to trials.

  • Raw Material Management

    Input and update all information for raw materials and their properties, costs, and performance.

  • Log Book

    Record all notes, test data, user logs, recipe modifications and more.

  • Project Management

    Experiment and manage complex recipe projects or scenarios.

  • Collaboration

    Create users and teams to globally collaborate on all recipe projects.

Test Management

Designed specifically for the rubber and polymer industry, MonQuality is a home-grown LIMS system collecting and managing all data collected in a laboratory. MonQuality has the most advanced collaborative capablities between multiple laboratories, or factories to ensure test specifications, and data collection is processed smoothly.

  • Multi-Instrument Data Collection

    Supports Quick bi-direction communication with MonTech lab devices or other laboratory instruments.

  • Testing Scheduling

    Control all test specifications, sample preparations, test procedures and tests assigned directly to the compound or order

  • Status

    View status of orders and workflows with retrievability in seconds

  • Data Logging and Complete Traceability

    Push all data logged against a formulation or test sequence for traceability of laboratory tests

  • Complex Testing Support

    Supports complex tests sequences and supports automated testing workflows through the workflow designer portal.

  • Integration

    MonQuality and related modules may integrate data to many systems including: ERP or MES systems, Mixer Controls, Batch off Software, and more.

Statistical Process Control (SPC)

In order to transform data into actionable information, MonStat offers the most powerful analytical techniques by joining data retrieved from a LIMS database system with data collected from production machinery on the shop floor. MonStat is a dynamic and adaptable SPC software featuring both realtime and historical data analysis to help you improve product quality and optimize manufacturing or laboratory processes.

  • Statistical Data Analysis

    Analyze real-time and historical test instrument data by combining and comparing data collected from all sources.

  • Calculation and Export Tools

    Manage and customize attribute control charts, variables control charts, histograms, spreadsheets/data tables, pareto bar charts, multi-line, type or source charts.

  • Custom Reporting

    Design and produce customized reports specific to your manufacturing and testing processes.

  • Process Monitoring

    Quickly report process violations during mixing, processing or any corresponding laboratory testing.

  • Integration

    MonStatistic and related modules may integrate data to many systems including: ERP or MES systems, Mixer Controls, Batch off Software, and more.

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