Software Upgrades

MonTech offers a comprehensive software upgrade program for qualified rheometers and Mooney viscometers.

Modernize your instruments by installing MonControl, the most versatile and easy to use instrument control platform for managing laboratory and testing data. Connect up your instruments to any database type including MSQL, Oracle, etc. while keeping your software compatible with the latest windows OS.

  • Customize and display data in real-time
  • Flexible test queueing
  • Over 3000 test features
  • Searchable test configurations/compounds
  • Group and categorize test configurations
  • Fully Customizable features
  • Multiple user and controllable access rights
  • Re-calculate data
  • Program gates, limits and reference curves
  • Functional with MSQL, Oracle, ETC
  • Customized reporting

Software Upgrades

The following instruments qualify for the software upgrade program:

  • Alpha ODR 2000
  • Alpha MDR 2000
  • Alpha MV 2000
  • Alpha RPA 2000
  • TechPro MD+
  • TechPro ViscTech
  • TechPro RheoTech
  • Monsanto R100
  • Monsanto MV 15000

MonTech is in no way affiliated with any of the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) listed above. We specialize in sales, remanufacture, PM service, replacement parts and accredited calibration of rubber testing equipment. All OEM trade names, copyrights, company names, and trademarks on this page are the property of their respective owners.

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