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CP 3000 Automated Bale Cutting System

The safest and most efficient system for automated rubber and polymer bale sample preparation

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CP 3000 Automated Bale Cutting System
The system features a long infeed conveyor line which polymer or rubber bales may be fed through the cutting sequence. PLC controlled sequences define the required cutting length and number of slices. By utilizing the automated feeding and down-holding system, accurate cuts at high speeds allow complete bale processing in under 3 minutes. The discharge conveyor can be linked to storage bins or additional conveying systems. Mixer integration is also available as the bale cutter integrates with bale handling vacuums, measurement sensors, and robotic depalletizers. Operator safety comes first as the system is equipment with tunnel guards, supervised maintenance door, light curtains with other options available.
Cutting block
Automated Polymer Cutter
Cut Rubber Bales

Technical Specifications


Up to 12 cuts / minute, cutting and lifting speed adjustable

Bale Dimensions (L x W x H)

max. 31.5 x 20.5 x 9.5 in (800 x 520 x 240 mm)

Conveyor Lines

Loading: total length 1750mm (940mm open)
Discharge: total length 1550mm (1000mm open)

Safety Equipment

Front- and backside feeding tunnel with light guards,
supervised safety maintenance door

Cutting Force (adjustable)

Min: 0.6 tons @ 2.0 bar
Max: 4.6 tons @ 10.0 bar

Cutting Knive

Hardened and precision ground

Cutting Block

Teflon, exchangeable


Compressed air with min. 5 bars (65 psi)

Dimensions (H x W x D)

75.6 in x 129.1 in x 27.6 in (1920 mm x 3280 mm x 700 mm)


approx. 560 kg net


90-250 V, 3 Amps, 47-63 Hz, Single phase

Optional Items

- Heated cutting knife (ambient to + 80°C)
- Rubber bale lifting and handling systems

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