The CP 3000 compact was developed for sample preparation in the laboratory and production environment, and is used in particular for the preparation of sections of rubber or polymers into strips or small shapes.

The material to be cut is put on the short roller conveyor and pushed the desired section size in the cutting area. Then both safety push buttons must be pressed and the cutting begins. Once both push buttons are released , the cutting operation is terminated.

To ensure the durability of the cutter blade, a Teflon cutting bar is installed on the cutting table. This serves as a lower stop for the cutting blade. The knife is guided by ball bearings which run on hardened, precision-ground guide bars. This provides a uniform and clean cut. The cutting area is covered in transparent safety glass.

The CP 3000 is fully pneumatically compact and requires no electrical connection - this means only a minimal energy consumption in the form of compressed air and thus optimal energy efficiency. The entire structure of the device complies with all applicable standards and guidelines - the delivery includes a risk assessment according to the new Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

  • Strokes: Up to 6 cuts / minute
  • Cutting width: max 290mm
  • Bale Width: up to 300mm
  • Bale Height / Cutting height: max 170mm
  • Barrel length: Unlimited
  • Cutting pressure: 0.3 tons at 2.0 bar inlet air pressure to 3.5 tons at 10.0 bar input air pressure
  • Optional over pressure booster
  • Weight : 130 kg Gross 85 kg net
  • Width : about 460mm
  • Depth: 430mm