MonTech will exhibit at the 2014 International Rubber Expo & International Elastomer Conference. Montech provides top of the line rubber and elastomer testing instruments. Our revolutionary line of rubber testing instruments are equipped with the most modern systems and software technology.

During the International Rubber Conference (IRC) 2015 exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany, MonTech is presenting its latest developments and innovations:


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This includes the fully automated Moving Die Rheometer Series MDR 3000, newly developed entry-level 3000 Basic series test systems as well as “Online” test instruments for direct integration into production lines and batch-off units.

World-premiere: The advanced, automated DisperTester 3000 plus improves traditionally used methods by utilizing the latest computer based image processing technology and provides accurate, reproducible and quantitative test results. Easy sample preparation and quick fully automated test sequences allow test times of less than a minute - without the need for specialized operators. The new DisperTester 3000 plus from MonTech is built on the proven technology of the DisperTester product series - however with this new generation of Dispersion testers MonTech is greatly expanding the possibilities of Dispersion testing as well as adding new, unprecedented features, allowing faster and a more accurate measurement of filler dispersion in the macro- and micro-dispersion range.

In addition to these new test instruments, MonTech is launching new software systems for quality control, laboratory workflow management, recipe development as well as international laboratory management systems. These systems allow customers to setup quality control networks and policies for globally managed, locally adaptable, fully transparent, integrated workflows and evaluations for all development, testing and quality control processes and results.

All other MonTech products like the MDR 3000, V-MV 3000, D-RPA 3000, Hardness and Density testing instruments, Flexometers as well as sample cutters and much more will be on display.



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