Spencer Bagan | Columbia City, IN: MonTech USA teams up with the Association of Rubber Product Manufacturer’s to unfold the essential Rubber Process Analyzer Tests for quality control and R&D.

Whether mixing, molding, extruding, or calendaring, all rubber product manufacturers can benefit from the usage of the Rubber Process Analyzer (RPA). With the global competition of the rubber market, we see so many manufacturers pushing to improve all their processes at a quickening rate. It is typical to rely on compound data from suppliers or internal quality or R&D labs. In many cases, there is no problem with this setup. However, if a rubber product manufacturer is trying to improve their process, bring new products to market faster, perform much more effective quality checks – or answer the question: Is it the compound or the process? - then you need to join this webinar.

The goal of our collaboration with ARPM for this webinar is to give chemists, lab personnel, quality managers, process engineers, and management personnel the opportunity to see where testing trends are going. We believe these trends point directly to the rheological data produced by the RPA.

We’ll be talking about many tests including:

  • Process Simulations
  • Low Strain Frequency Sweeps
  • High Strain Frequency Sweeps
  • Payne Effect
  • Capillary Rheometer Simulation
  • Isothermal Cure
  • Isothermal Cure with Pressure Measurement
  • Cured Dynamic Properties – ΔTemperature
  • And more...

Be sure to mark your calendars, the webinar is coming up fast:

Webinar Date: September 18th from 1:00 PM until 2:00 PM

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us or ARPM.

Spencer Bagan
National Sales Manager
MonTech USA