From June 5th to June 7th, MonTech USA, specialists in rubber testing equipment and smart lab technologies, will participate as a speaker and vendor at Maplan’s Days of Technology event in South, Elgin IL.

MonTech’s presentation will center on Rubber Process Analyzer (RPA) test procedures specifically related to rubber injection molders. Test procedures include incoming compound quality control checks, processability measurements, and injection molding process simulations. These key tests for molders will allow them keep their rubber vendors accountable and ensure their mixing process is performing optimally. Molders will also gain insight into diagnosing molding issues. All injection molders are welcome to attend the event and join MonTech at their booth to discuss testing compounds in their injection molding processes.

From June 5th to June 7th, Maplan, one of the industry leaders for rubber injection molding, will host The Days of Technology event at their U.S headquarters in South Elgin, IL. Maplan will be showcasing their latest technologies, providing workshops and training sessions for all attendees. Aside from MonTech, other experts and strategic partners will be presenting tailor-made topics related to the rubber industry as well.

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