New options are available for the MV 3000 Basic 5" color-touch instrument control panel!

  • Keyboard Option
    Keyboard for input of Material / Compound name, Batch, Operator, Date (Auto) directly into the control panel. The USB standard keyboard is mounted on a rugged table below the control panel display. An additional USB port is installed on the backside of the machine.
    • Test IDs displayed during testing
    • Clear Compound after each test
    • Clear Batch number after each test
    • Autoinc Batch number
    • Set / sync date and time
  • Printer Option
    Printer for direct printout of Mooney data, connected by RS 232. Header Information and data points are printed. Available data points from control panel and units can be selected for printing. 
  • Direct Link Option
    Automated link of control panel to computer to create test on the control panel and automatically add and record them in the MonControl tests in spooler list. Data is fully stored in MonControl and the spooler is cleared at material change. New Materials will automatically be created and stored in MonControl with default test configurations. Also supports Pass / Fail in MonControl with direct feedback to control panel and printout.