Buchen, Germany: MonTech announces Cut & Chip resistance tester as the newest addition to their 60+ product portfolio.

Predictive performance, from the chemical level up, is the precursor to the launch or continued manufacturer of any elastomeric product. Fueled by interest from the tire sector, and other industrial product manufacturers such as conveyor belting, aging or obsolete cut and chip testers are found in laboratories across the world. Including cut and chip testers, instruments placed into modernized laboratories must require Industry 4.0 connectivity, high-quality manufacturing, efficient user interfaces, and support from all angles of usability. These are the core focuses for the introduction of the MonTech Cut & Chip 3000.

CC 3000

The MonTech CC 3000 is the latest advancement for measuring cut and chip resistance for rubber products subject to contact surfacing containing sharp objects (i.e. rocks, gravel, glass, metal, etc.). In order to begin the test, users must first cure a small rubber disc sample and place it onto the rotating spindle. From here, test specifications are selected and activated using the touch screen located on the top section of the instrument. The screen will prompt operators to select one of 11 spindle speeds and 1 of 7 chipping cycles. Pressing the start button begins the tests. During the test, a tungsten carbide knife continuously chips away at the rotating sample. Once the test is complete, mass and diameter loss of the cured sample must be calculated to determine the cut and chip resistance.

The CC 3000 features connective features via Ethernet to networks, LIMS systems, and more, so laboratory or operational managers can see data in real time.

Designed to be quick, inexpensive and confident in predicting end product performance, MonTech’s CC 3000 is a perfect fit for manufacturers of passenger, truck, OTR, agricultural, mining tires, tank tracks, bogey wheels, and conveyor belts.

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Spencer Bagan
National Sales Manager
MonTech USA

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