Buchen, Germany: MonTech introduces state-of-the-art Hardness Tester featuring temperature control, humidity control and automation.

MonTech meets the high production lab facilities right where demand begins. This time, the demand was related to hardness testing. Standard hardness testing is moving away from hand-held durometer gauges towards less user influence and tighter environmental conditions. In this equation for improved hardness testing, temperature, humidity, number of tests, and the operator must be considered.

The HT 3000 Chamber is a monumental advancement in physical testing. Featuring an automated rotary tray, up to 25 samples are loaded and tested with preset dwell times and preset tests or creep-testing conditions. The samples fit securely on the tray within the humidity and temperature controlled environmental chamber. Operator idle time and influence is eliminated giving greater accuracy and repeatability.

Featuring 240 liters of test space, the environmental temperature ranges from -70°C or -40°C up to 180°C. High air circulation in the testing area guarantees temperature and humidity uniformity within the chamber. Additionally, the included energy efficient compressor and refrigeration system eliminates the need for external gases or cooling media.

Above the chamber, the adapted HT 3000 Modular hardness testing unit is configured with a Shore A or IRHD durometer head reaching into the controlled environment test area. When the test sequence is started in the MonLink software, the durometer collects data and displays it in the software.

Test data obtained includes:

  • Hardness Vs. Temperature
  • Hardness Vs. Time (Creep and Aging)
  • Hardness Vs. Humidity

Like most MonTech physical testing instruments, a software license for MonLink is included, giving all users the ability to setup tests, environmental conditions, limits, and connect the HT 3000 Chamber to the network. Finished data is easily stored and then recalled for continued analysis.

High-end R&D instruments are becoming more a necessity and the HT 3000 Chamber meets laboratories in the most productive way possible.

If you have additional questions regarding this instrument, please contact:

Spencer Bagan
National Sales Manager
MonTech USA