Buchen, Germany: In the newest set of instrument releases, MonTech is adding the Ring Cutter (RC 3000) to the list of its innovative instruments.

Equipped with 2-hand, anti-tie down control, and pneumatic operation, the RC 3000 precisely cuts ASTM, ISO & DIN standard tensile testing rings. The primary goals of the design of the unit are to ensure repeatability of results, long lifespan of components, and laboratory accessibility. By eliminating any need for electric or hydraulic supplies, the cutter is easily connected into any laboratory. Also, the cutting force is preset on the regulator unit ensuring repeatable results while enabling long life span of the cutting die.

The typical sequence of operation for ring cutting consists of three individual steps:

  1. Cut the pre-form
  2. Insert the pre-form into the second cutting station and cut the outer diameter
  3. Insert the pre-form into the third cutting station, cutting of the inner diameter

MonTech’s Ring Cutter can be used on a variety of materials including rubber, foam, soft plastic, film and other composite materials. The RC 3000 with a larger pneumatic cylinder is available for cutting materials with a Shore hardness above 80 Shore A.

If you have additional questions regarding this product, please contact:

Spencer Bagan
National Sales Manager
MonTech USA