COLUMBIA CITY, IN - MonTech introduces their new RB 3000, rebound resilience tester, to their rubber testing product line.  The RB 3000 resilience tester features a rigid design with all main components integrated into the machine frame including a 5” touch screen display, data interfaces, and the entire mechanical system.  The machine is precisely manufactured from high strength stainless steel and aluminium.  The pendulum mechanism features a 15mm diameter hammer fin. The hammer fin is connected via the pendulum arm to a virtually frictionless air bearing system. To guarantee the highest precision in pendulum angle measurement, the RB 3000 utilizes a noncontact encoder system.  A fully integrated spindle with an adjustment gauge and clamp allows quick and easy setup of the test specimen so that testing can start immediately.

A fully automated test sequence with motorized pendulum release and return eliminates almost any operator influence. Once the operator presses the start button on the multi-language touch-control panel, the instrument executes the selected test sequence automatically - including up to three pre-hits and three test hits.  Once the test sequence is completed the test results are automatically displayed on the built in 5” touchscreen.

The RB 3000 is designed for safety, comfort, and intuitive ease of operation. The unit automatically detects incorrect sample placement and optionally enables tests to be started once a set temperature is reached. Integrated calibration routines allow users to easily measure, calibrate and compensate the pendulum friction.

The state-of-the-art RB 3000 is the most intuitive and safest rebound resilience testing machine on the market to date.

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