Hudson, OH – Locally owned custom mixer, ALTTRAN, has announced another expansion of their compound development and QC laboratory.  This includes new MonTech testing instruments that will be installed in October 2017. 

Alttran’s last major lab expansion began in 2015 with the purchase of a MonTech rubber process analyzer (RPA 3000).  This new phase of investment will add a variety of lab equipment including moving die rheometers, Mooney viscometers, and the software needed to analyze the data and support ALTTRAN’s technical approach to quality control.

Dave Topliff, owner and President of ALTTRAN, expects more good results from the new MonTech equipment.  “The MonTech RPA has been a great addition to our lab capabilities.  We have used the RPA for QC testing of raw materials and in compound development to measure the impact of different fillers and accelerators on compound properties.   The MDR test eliminates most of the variation that we see with traditional ODR cure testing.  As ALTTRAN drives continuous improvement in our mixing process, we need the best tools to measure quality and product performance.  The new MonTech MDR machines will help us better identify sources of variation in our process.”

“We are excited to partner with ALTTRAN once again as they continue to grow,” said MonTech National Sales Manager, Spencer Bagan.  “They have an incredible team, and we look forward to working alongside them”.

About MonTech:

MonTech is the fastest growing rubber testing instrument supplier in the global rubber industry.  Entering the U.S. market in 2010, MonTech supplies the largest portfolio of testing equipment dedicated specifically to the rubber industry.  With offices in Columbia City, Indiana and Charlotte, North Carolina, MonTech offers a family business approach to supporting their customers in any respective area of the U.S., Mexico, and Canada.


ALTTRAN is an independent, specialty elastomer compounding and development company.  ALTTRAN continues to grow by focusing on technical solutions to best fit our customers’ needs.

To learn more, please contact:

Dave Topliff at ALTTRAN

Spencer Bagan at MonTech