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60 Ton Hydraulic Laboratory Press

ISO 2393 | ASTM D3182

Force Capacity: 4 ton - 60 ton (40kN - 600 kN)
Platen size: 446 x 446 mm | 17.56 x 17.56 in
Daylight Layer Options: Triple

The 60 ton LP model features the most efficiently designed technologies for rubber and silicone lab molding.

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60 Ton Hydraulic Laboratory Press

The LP 600kN is a high-capacity hydraulic laboratory press for high performance curing and preparation of rubber samples. Capable of producing up to 600kN of compression force, this model is designed in accordance with ISO, ASTM, DIN, GB and other international standards for temperature uniformity, parallelism and safety.


  • Complete compliance with ASTM D3182 or ISO 2393
  • Adjustable press force 40kN – 600kN | 4 ton – 60 ton
  • Digitally controlled force and speed
  • High-speed hydraulics
  • Single daylight access
  • Small footprint for benchtop use
  • Temperature accuracy of ± 0.5°C
  • Digital PID-controlled heating systems
  • Platen parallelism better than 0.1 mm/m.
  • Air cooled heat exchange
  • Programmable operator display
  • Pneumatic front shield
  • Front-side mold access
  • Over a dozen customizable safety features

Platen Options

  • Custom platen sizes and additional heating zones
  • Increased Platen Temperature Ranges
  • Software programmable heating and platen cooling
  • Water cooling platens
  • Additional heating options: Steam or oil
  • Heater timers and cycle counters

Hydraulic Options

  • Low pressure press systems
  • Increased hydraulic cylinder stroke
  • Electronically controlled contact gauge for increased energy efficiency and press noise reduction
  • Custom ejection cylinders for molded part removal

Mechanical Options

  • Press down acting options
  • Custom Tie Rods
  • Automated platen shuttles
  • Multiple daylight Options
  • Sliding or tilting platens
  • Custom Mold mounts
  • Platen ejection systems
  • Work tables

Electrical Options

  • Data interface - MonPress
  • Light Curtains
  • Alarm systems
  • Mold heat temperature controllers
  • Platen Display Lighting
Lab Press Platen
Lab Press Mould

Technical Specifications


Range: 40 - 600 kN

Press Platen Size

446 x 446 mm


4.5 bar / 65 psi


480 / 277 Volt, 60 Hz, 3-Phase, 4-wire, with TN-S Earthing

Platen Pressure

4.57 N/mm2

Max. Temperature

250 °C / 480°F

Temperature Accuracy


Heating Type


Capacity per Platen

6.0 kW


Opening Speed: 20mm/s
Closing Speed: 30mm/s
Pressing Speed: 1.5 - 3 mm/s
Stroke Travel: 200 mm

Cylinder Stroke

200 mm

Dimensions (H x W x D)

1750mm x 1250mm x 800mm


1100 kg

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